Om Trayambakam Yajaamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhnam Urvvarukamiva Bandhanaan Mrityormuksheeya Maamrataat

Om Gam ganapataye namaha
Make your vision pure & positive ,look for goodness everywhere.
mind will never be peaceful without looking at the positive Good side in everythng.

if you think positive & act good & see peace, then Success will be yours

The holy ancester worship

The holy ancester worship  Shraddh & Tarpanam

 mantras for  ancestor worship the holy tarpanam & mainly for shraadh
from Shraadha mahima holy book from Ashram

remember holy Lord Aryama the god of Ancesteral world Pitru loka

Rakshak mantra
chant before the ritual this holy mantra 

yagyaneshiswhro yagyasamasthanetaa bhoktha avyayaatmaa hari ishwarasthu
tatsannidanaad payaantu sagho rakshaamasya sheshaanyasuradhrashwa sarvai

say the meaning of thios manta that is only needed

here all these holy offerings is meant for consumption of the holy lord sriHari & lord sri hari present here
by his presence because of his holy  presence all the asuras and rakshasas go away from here quickly

saying the above mantra or its meanings put some black seasome seeds ( black til) on the ground

& now
and this the holymantra for doing shraddha or tarpana
this isvery divine and holy mantra for chanting

Devataabhyaha  pitrubhayashcha mahaa yogiibhya aeva cha
namaha swadhayaayai swaahaayai nityameva bhavantyu at

i bow to all gods Devata  Pitru's Ancestors and Yogis and Swadha & Swaaha , i gave my salutation Namaskaram to all of them

chant this holy mantra nine times , three times before the ritual in the starting & three times in the middle & three at the end of ritual

Swaaha & swadha & dakshinaa's are  three holy goddessess who take the offerings from us and give them  to the  gods ,ancestors & holy humans respectively

before doing the ritual chant the seventh chapter of Srimad bhagvad gita with mahathmya glory

and athe end of holy tapanam ritual
 offer this virtue  punyayam gained by reading this holy gita to the  desired ancestors with the water in the end of ritual of tarpanam

yeah copper vessals are used for these ritiuals,  just add these mantras to it it becomes the ritual for shraadh ( pitru means both mother side and othersides also, take the names of ancestors three generations or just say name of ur most loving ancestor and say  brahma gotraa while offering for shraadha) ancesteral worship 
and tarpanam (offering holy water for ancestors) thats only

thsese mainly the procedure for Shraadh , dour tarpanam as u do normaly just offer the virtue of
Srimadbhagvad gita  chanting with the holy water  omshanti
everybody belongs to Brahma gotra so say the name of beloved ancester & then brahma gotram
when offering rice 
put some grass on the ground which is made purified by the seesame seed in the begnning
and put handfull of rice or some foodwhichis offered on the grass
and pour water over rice ball saying iam offerin this holy virtue gained by the chanting of Sreemad bhagvad gita to my most beloved ancestor ( name & relation) may they get all peace & satisfaction
om shanti shanti shanti

do this ritual in garden in daytime
om shanti shanti shanti