Om Trayambakam Yajaamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhnam Urvvarukamiva Bandhanaan Mrityormuksheeya Maamrataat

Om Gam ganapataye namaha
Make your vision pure & positive ,look for goodness everywhere.
mind will never be peaceful without looking at the positive Good side in everythng.

if you think positive & act good & see peace, then Success will be yours

blessing for eye sight

Praana mudra

blessu good & beautiful eyesight
doing praana mudraa for some time daily in the morning & evening is very good for health & eyesight
drink carrot juice & eat coriander leaves with ur food is also good

u will see ina few days ur eyesight will so good & improved that the number of ur specatcles will reduced omshanti
do this praanmudra while sitting in meditation or anytime when ur free
blessu always om shanti shanti shanti

Procedure : The tips of the ring finger and little finger should be slightly pressed against the tip of the thumb.

Mantra for treatment by touch
 its very simple & very divine & holy first see ur hands & say the following mantra & then rub ur hands ur palms with each other then

 Ayam Me Hasto Bhagwan Ayam Me Bhagavattara
 Ayam Me Vishwa Bheshajo Ayam Shivaabhimarshanah

 Meaning: Both my hands are divine. They can bring prosperity. They can give a soothing effect. Moreover, they are more powerful than being simply divine. All medicines for the diseases of the world lie on my hands. Touch of hands is capable for well being and healing.

 & then chant the holy mantra for eyesight blessu chant the following holy mantra while rubbing the palms with each other gently

 Om mam netrajyoti jagra jagra omshanti

please gently very softly place ur soft palms (very softly & gently) very slightly on ur eyes  on closed eyelids omshanti softly

 & chant this five holy names after food
 Devi Sukanya Maharishi Chyavan( the holy Rishi couple) , Indra ( lord of heavens), Ashwini kumaras( the twin divine physicians) Devi Sukanya Maharishi Chyavan , Indra & Ashwini kumaras i remember these five holy names may i be blessed with good eyesight & good health always om om om omshanti omshanti

drinking carrot juice & eating coriander leaves with ur food or have green vegeatables in diet is also good having good eyesight
coriander leaves


omshanti ur eyesight will be fine & great blessu blessu blessu om om om & eat seven almonds with sugar candy & milk everyday u will be blessed with beautifull & great eyesight blessu always good health & long life om om om